About us

Who we are

Founded in 2013 by a group of professionals, as an Total Heating Solution provider, ‘Espee System’ has more than 20 years history in Servicing Heating Requirements of Hospitality industry like

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Hostels, PG (Paying Guest )Accommodations
  • Industrial sectors likes
  • Plating, Powder coating & Painting Industries, Hatcheries etc
  • Swimming pool heating in winter & Cooling in summer

With reducing natural resources and increasing global warming, it is necessary to preserve our earth by adopting energy efficient

Technologies and proper use of these scarce resources. The surge in energy use and conventional technologies may no longer be enough to ensure energy availability;

So, Espee System ensures the manufacturing and supply of energy efficient products to our customers at affordable low cost.


Espee System is specialized in supplying Air source, Water source Heat Pump products, because it is built up to meet customers’ specific needs with Professional skills in controlling the quality of the products.

Espee involves with our OEMS to make decision in the areas from product design, raw material sourcing inspection and production management to quality control, logistics, shipping and other Important functions, its spectrum of services covers the entire supply chain end-to-end with strict adherence to the quality specs defined in ISO standards.

Espee also offer integrated, Solar Heating solutions with Heat Pumps, Pressure Pumps, Return Line control to ensure instant hot water etc.

Espee offers AMC ( Annual Maintenance contracts) for all Heat Pump users at reasonable cost.


Over the years, experience, professionalism and integrity have earned Espee System, its reputation as the India’s leading Heat Pump supplying company

Through a growing network of over 10 suppliers in specific Heat Pump industry, the Company strives to find quality-conscious, cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of customers with NO COMPROMISE approach.


Dedicated experienced engineering team provide customers technical supports and project solutions.

Qualified supplier management team keep good eyes on the manufacturers and keep good control on the products.

Professional marketing team with good training on the all range of our products focus on each customer segment and

leverage their close ties with suppliers to offer insider knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions.