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Working principle

Heat Pumps operating principle is based on compression and expansion of a working fluid, or so called ‘refrigerant’. A heat pump has four main components: evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion device. The refrigerant is the working fluid that passes through all these components.

In the evaporator heat is extracted from a waste / ambient heat source. In the condenser this heat is delivered to the consumer at a higher temperature level. Electric energy is required to drive the compressor and this energy is added to the heat that is available in the condenser. The efficiency of the heat pump is denoted by its COP (coefficient of performance), defined as the ratio of total heat delivered by the heat pump to the amount of electricity needed to drive the heat pump

Heat Pump has lower CO2 emission which has great contribution against climate change compared to Oil, Gas, LPG boilers, fire wood, diesel boiler etc.



This low cost heat can be used in Hot water for shower application, under floor heating, Industrial application.

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    Copeland/Panasonic Compressor

    Nanometer gold plating evaporator

    Slot type motherboard

    Intelligent LED controller

    Tube in tube/ tube in shell high efficient HE

    Auto Defrost

    R410A/R417A/R134A Eco friendly refrigranat

    Hot water upto 60 C and 85 C